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Bondora @ Savings4Freedom

Bondora Account Update

Investment Start Date: January 2019

Investment Closing Date: March 2019

Total Deposits: 0,00€

Bondora presents a very strange and problematic type of offer. No transparency what so ever… I don’t have the possibility to control where and how my funds are employed.

Bondora is a long-term investment. It will take months or years to see returns, with a risk proportional to the interests, so it will take months before obtaining results that are desirable enough. If for any reason you’d need to leave Bondora and transfer your money back to your bank account, this is logically possible. But take into consideration that getting your money back might take a few months or even much longer if you don’t want to have significant losses.

My Bondora Account Overview

Bondora Account @ Savings4Freedom

Bondora Income Graph

Bondora Income @ Savings4Freedom

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