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BullionVault Assets Update

Investment Start Date: April 2018

Total Invested: 1.038,28€ (Oct 2019)

Asset Value: 1.343,34€ (Oct 2019)

BullionVault Platform Analysis

Last Update (01.11.2019)

BullionVault offers storing services, providing a digital and official certificate of ownership.

Observations: I’m not looking to my BullionVault assets as an investment but as a very long term savings leverage against inflation. Maybe I’m wrong, but looking across history, Gold was always considered a valuable commodity that someone will accept an exchange for goods or services. For me, BullionVault works as insurance for my retirement. Let me know your ideas about this topic and what is your position regarding Gold as an asset.

My BullionVault Assets


BullionVault Asset Value Graph

BullionVault Returns and Assets Value @ Savings4Freedom

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