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Debitum Account Update

Investment Start Date: May 2019

Total Deposits: 0,00€ (Oct 2019)

Asset Value: 0,00€ (Oct 2019)

Debitum Platform Analysis

Last Update (01.11.2019)

Debitum Network is another short-term loan platform that presents lower interest rates and the limitations that lead me to reduce my positions on other platforms. For those that want to learn the reasons why I’m avoiding this type of P2P platform, please find information on the image below.

Why I'm reducing my consumer P2P lending on Mintos Robocash and Viventor @ Savings4Freedom

The Debitum Network is owned and operated by DEBIFO, a successful traditional invoice financing business in Europe, with +10 years of experience as a loan originator. They actually offer loans at Mintos, but also started their own platform.

Debitum recently closed a successful ICO (cryptocurrency crowdsale), where they raised more than $18 million. This should give the platform a solid base to build all the necessary elements and features they have in the plans. 

I started my investments at Debitum in May 2019 and was immediately impressed with the very simple style and easy to understand the interface of the P2P lending platform. The combination of traditional FIAT investments with crypto loans is also something to consider if you want to diversify in this manner.

Debitum Network states that is aiming to work as a platform that offers “borderless private company financing”, and is set to use the powerful and dynamic nature of the blockchain to both secure and distribute fiat investments in the SME condition.

Debitum Network only offers short-term loans to SMEs. Providing short-term financing to SMEs, lenders can reduce the risk of default as well as enjoy fast turnover and compounding interest.

Again, one of the most interesting features of Debitum is that you can not only invest fiat money, but you can also invest (and also withdraw) in crypto. For those who have a lot of assets tied up in crypto and for any reason are reluctant to switch such assets into fiat money, you can consider to put those crypto assets to good use and see them grow by investing in a platform like Debitum Network. The crypto market, in general, needs to find ways to grow, so I expect this particular group of investors will be very happy to get some returns in the form of interest from loans.

The availability of loans is fine but there is no secondary market. On the other hand, most of the loans in Debitum are short-term, so you don’t get stuck for a long time.

Creating a Debitum investor account is easy and adding funds to your account is surprisingly quick.

Analysis TopicPersonal Take
13 - Type of Loans

Type of Loans Available

Business | Crypto
1 - Interest Rate

Average Interest Rate 

2 - Buyback

Buyback / Secured Loans

Yes & No (deal by deal)
3 - Liquidity

Early Exit / Secondary Market

4 - AutoInvest

Auto Invest Feature

12 - Control Over

Control over Loans Invested

5 - Money Drag

Money Drag

11 - Hiden Fees

Hiden Fees

6 - Time

Loan Duration

15 days to 18 months
7 - Reporting

Reporting Tool

High Quality
8 - User Experience

User Experience

High Quality
9 - Rewards

Sign-up Bonus

You can sign up and invest in Debitum through my referral link and have a 10€ welcome bónus
10 - Evaluation

Overall Evaluation


My Debitum Account

Debitum Network Account @ Savings4Freedom

Debitum Income Graph

Debitum Network Returns @ Savings4Freedom

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