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Estateguru Account Update

Investment Start Date: January 2019

Total Deposits: 100,00€ (Oct 2019)

Asset Value: 100,00€ (Oct 2019)

Estateguru Platform Analysis

Last Update (01.09.2019)

I started my investments at Estateguru in January 2019. Starting investing on this P2P platform is very simple and the interface is easy to navigate. 

All loans available on Estateguru are backed with a mortgage.

Estateguru offers an online peer-to-peer (p2p) debt funding platform where property developers and entrepreneurs can borrow funds from abroad international investor base and investors can invest in secured property loans.

Estateguru offers a great quality of information regarding each loan available. Currently, the borrowers and properties are in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. There is a high demand for loans and it will take time to allocate investments across several loans to provide risk diversification.

Estateguru has been growing quickly and it has recently become one of the largest business loan platforms in Europe. I’m exploring how the system works and the return it brings, but until now Estateguru has a good lending track record and investors have achieved average returns over 12% to date.

A good choice for all lovers of real estate loan investments.

Analysis Topic Personal Take
13 - Type of Loans

Type of Loans Available

Real Estate
1 - Interest Rate

Average Interest Rate 

2 - Buyback

Buyback / Secured Loans

No | Backed by mortage
3 - Liquidity

Early Exit / Secondary Market

4 - AutoInvest

Auto Invest Feature

12 - Control Over

Control over Loans Invested

5 - Money Drag

Money Drag

11 - Hiden Fees

Hiden Fees

6 - Time

Loan Duration

6 months to 30 months
7 - Reporting

Reporting Tool

High Quality
8 - User Experience

User Experience

High Quality
9 - Rewards

Sign-up Bonus

Gain 0.5% cashback on every investment made over the initial 3 months through my referral link
10 - Evaluation

Overall Evaluation


My Estateguru Account Overview

EstateGuru Update @ Savings4Freedom

Estateguru Income Graph

EstateGuru Returns @ Savings4Freedom

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