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Expected Savings Rate 2019


Savings Rate 2018Savings History 2018

Until 2018

Since my first pay-check in 2010, I have followed a set of simple rules, that I only changed at the beginning of 2018.

  1. Save upfront 1/10 of income in a separate account.
  2. Use 2/10 of income to pay the existing debt (you can read about my mistakes here).
  3. Use 7/10 of income for all necessary living expenses.

This strategy lead to the realization that I was going nowhere.

Rat Race @ Savings4Freedom

All my energy and commitment is on making my startup successful, and with the success of the company, financial freedom will not be an issue… however, I wanted to improve my capacity to generate passive income.

I decided to start reading about investment opportunities and personal finances. You can read a basic summary of my learnings here.

Since 2018

In January 2018, I decided to pay down my debt and start saving a fixed amount, always upfront at the beginning of the month, restricting my spending culture.

Saving Money @ Savings4Freedom

I started learning about diversification, peer-to-peer lending platforms, gold as a wealth reserve in situations of financial crisis and cryptocurrencies as a speculative investment. The main idea is to avoid past mistakes and maximize returns on savings. That was the moment I decided to open my portfolio accounts.

Bank Accounts

Learn about the bank accounts I use here: Bank Accounts

My P2P Lending Portfolio

Learn about my P2P crowdlending platforms choices here: My P2P Lending Portfolio

P2P Platforms Comparison

A comparison of some P2P lending platforms: P2P Platforms Comparison

Do you want to Invest?

Check among the P2P crowdlending opportunities available on Savings4Freedom, always taking into consideration that all information is entirely based on my personal experience.

Investe @ Savings4Freedom

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